Strategies for Recruiting and Retaining Skilled Construction Workers

Posted on 05/30 by Erin Helms

While many aspects of the current economy are riddled with uncertainty, one industry continues to experience massive growth: construction. Even in an unstable housing market, demand for non-residential builds is high, giving many construction companies the manufacturing, retail, and mixed-use projects to keep them profitable. But while this high demand is certainly a plus, it comes with a significant challenge: a persistent skill shortage exacerbated by an increasingly tight labor market. Many construction leaders are scrambling to develop new and improved strategies for not only attracting skilled workers, but preventing them from jumping ship. It’s clear that if this level of demand and competition continues, construction employers will need to focus on recruitment and retention in order to succeed. In this article, the expert team at a construction staffing agency will give employers smart and implementable strategies for recruiting and retaining skilled construction workers. From improved job advertising to thorough training to an emphasis on worker safety, construction leaders can leverage these methods to satisfy their employees, minimize turnover, and meet demand in this exciting industry.

Why Should Construction Companies Focus on Employee Retention?

In the past, some construction companies may not have listed employee retention as a top concern - there were often plenty of qualified employees to choose from. But times have changed. Between a tight labor market, critical skill shortages, and experienced construction workers retiring with no younger counterparts to replace them, construction employers will need to devote as much focus and energy to retaining their top employees as they do to hiring new ones. Still not convinced? Here are a few compelling reasons for construction employers to focus on retention: Stay on schedule. High turnover rates can devastate your construction company’s productivity and extend project timelines into the stratosphere. If you’re constantly recruiting and training new construction workers, you’re not just cutting into your own valuable time and resources - you're disrupting the continuity of work, which leads to extended delays, increased costs, and unhappy clients. On the other hand, retaining a qualified core team lets you complete construction projects on time and on budget. Your clients will appreciate your consistency and dedication, making it more likely that they’ll choose to work with your organization again in the future. Gain a competitive edge. Skilled and experienced construction workers are invaluable assets to your company. Their expertise, knowledge, and familiarity with specific projects and processes allow them to produce higher-quality work and consistently achieve success. But keeping these valuable employees on your team doesn’t just improve project outcomes - it gives you an edge over your rivals. With a skilled team, you can build a reputation as one of the most knowledgeable and expert construction companies in your area. And retaining your top workers means they won’t bring their skills and experience to a competitor. Build a positive company culture. Employee retention strategies generally improve the experience of working at a particular company. When your top builders feel valued and supported, they’re more likely to stay committed to their roles, resulting in higher morale, increased productivity, and improved teamwork. Your satisfied construction employees will also be more likely to refer friends and colleagues to your company, attracting more skilled workers to your organization and building on your positive reputation within the industry.

Construction Staffing Experts Recommend Five Strategies to Recruit and Retain Workers

Now you know the importance of recruiting and retaining skilled construction workers - but how do you go about doing it? Below, a temp agency for construction workers shares five strategies for success.

Targeted Job Advertisements

One effective method for recruiting the high-quality construction employees your organization needs is to leverage targeted job advertisements. By tailoring your job listings to specific desired audiences, you can attract people who have the skills, experience, and personal qualities to take your construction projects to the next level. Savvy employers might work alongside a construction and skilled trades staffing agency to create these targeted job advertisements and reach a relevant and engaged audience. By taking advantage of platforms and channels that are popular with construction professionals - such as industry-specific job boards, social media groups, and professional networks - employers can make sure their job listings are seen by the right candidates. Targeted job advertisements also let you set the stage for improved retention by highlighting your company’s unique benefits and growth opportunities. By clearly communicating the advantages of working with your organization - such as competitive salaries, comprehensive benefits, and ongoing training programs - you can appeal to the types of job seekers who are searching for a long-term professional home.

Build Relationships with Trade Schools and Apprenticeship Programs

Some construction employers will only consider hiring workers with a certain amount of experience. While this is understandable, they may be missing out on exceptional employees who will make up the future of the industry. For this reason, a terrific strategy for attracting and retaining construction candidates is to team up with local trade schools and apprenticeship programs. By building these relationships, construction employers can establish a direct pipeline of qualified talent. They can participate in career fairs, job placement events, and educational programs, allowing them to connect with aspiring young construction professionals. This early engagement gives your business the opportunity to hire people who are passionate about the industry and who are eager to learn and grow within an organization. Building relationships with trade schools and apprenticeship programs also lets you shape the training and development of future construction workers. You may be able to provide input into curriculums, offer apprenticeship opportunities or internships, and even collaborate on customized training programs. This makes it more likely that graduates will be equipped with the specific skill sets required from construction employers, making them more valuable candidates from day one.

Construction Companies Must Emphasize Workplace Safety

Construction is an exciting and economically stable industry, but it also poses serious risks to workers’ safety and well-being. In order to attract and retain top talent in a competitive landscape, construction employers will need to emphasize their commitment to keeping their team members safe on the job. Promoting a safety-first culture not only helps to attract top talent but also improves employee retention. Workers feel more valued and cared for in an environment where safety measures are prioritized. This leads to increased job satisfaction, morale, and loyalty among employees. Unsurprisingly, workers are more likely to remain with a company that prioritizes their well-being, resulting in lower turnover rates and a stable workforce. It’s not just your employees who will benefit from increased safety measures - construction companies that prioritize workplace safety tend to enjoy better overall performance and reputation. A strong safety record demonstrates professionalism, reliability, and a commitment to quality work. This reputation attracts both skilled workers and terrific clients who seek to be associated with reputable companies in the industry.

Provide Training and Development Opportunities

Oftentimes, the most skilled and high-quality construction workers on the job market are the ones who are looking for a stable professional home with plenty of opportunities for growth. This is why providing ongoing training and development is a strong strategy for attracting and retaining construction employees. Skilled construction workers enjoy enhancing their expertise and staying updated with the latest industry practices. By providing relevant training programs, certifications, and skill-building workshops, construction employers create an environment that supports continuous learning and development. This not only attracts highly motivated individuals but also encourages existing employees to stay and grow within the company - especially if you can provide programs and opportunities that your competitors can’t. Offering training and development opportunities also supports the ongoing success of the construction industry by helping to address skills gaps. By investing in the upskilling and reskilling of your workforce, you can bridge the gap between the skills your organization requires and the skills available in the current job market. This proactive approach not only ensures the availability of qualified workers but also creates a sense of value and appreciation among employees, contributing to higher retention rates.

Leverage Technology and Innovation to Streamline Construction Processes

Ongoing developments in technology have transformed many industries, and construction is no exception. Like many candidates, skilled construction workers are often attracted to companies that embrace new technologies and innovative solutions. If your organization leverages the latest construction technology, you can demonstrate to job seekers and current employees that you’re committed to making their jobs easier - a powerful retention strategy. Technology-driven construction processes and tools allow you to drive productivity, reduce physical strain on your team, and improve project outcomes. Construction professionals appreciate working for companies that prioritize these aspects, as it demonstrates a commitment to excellence and worker well-being. This positive reputation helps attract and retain skilled workers who value a safe and high-quality working environment.

Partner with a Premier Construction Staffing Agency: LaborMAX to Hire and Retain Top Talent

If you’re looking for even more strategies to recruit and retain top construction talent, a construction staffing agency can help. As one of the nation’s top temp agencies for construction workers, LaborMAX can connect you with qualified employees and help you implement processes to ensure they stay with your company for the long run. Learn more about our construction and skilled trades staffing solutions today!

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