Why Food Service Jobs Are a Good Choice

Posted on 06/29 by Erin Helms

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If you like excitement, food, and variety, a career in food service might be for you. Jobs in this industry can vary, from part-time entry-level positions to full-time supervisor roles in various settings. If you are interested, you should familiarize yourself with the industry. Here are some reasons why your decision to choose a food service job is excellent.


As a food service worker, you can find employment in various positions such as bartender, executive chef, head cook, food and beverage worker, and salesperson. Furthermore, those interested in the food industry can find employment in a variety of establishments such as: Schools, colleges, and universities Hospitals and other health care facilities Events venues Entertainment and sporting venues Any other type of business where food is prepared and served Multiple shift times is another benefit the food industry offers. Food establishments typically do not follow the traditional 9-to-5 schedule. There are numerous options to work breakfast, lunch or dinner. There are even opportunities to work late at night for entertainment and nightlife venues.

Management Opportunities

If you enjoy food services and learn how to excel in your position, you will discover opportunities to move into managerial and supervisory roles. As a general manager, you will receive more responsibility and higher wages.

Specialized Career Paths

Specialized career pathways are available if you want a career in this industry, mainly if you are willing to get formal training and education. You can combine a love of food with unique talents and specialties: Foragers who help those in the food industry find particular ingredients. Recipe developers create new recipes that can be published or used in restaurants. Food trend professionals research and study different trends to help those in the industry serve their customers. Dietitians often advise both individuals and restaurants on dietary habits and wellness. Food safety specialists ensure food production and services safety and quality standards.

Growth in the Number of Jobs Available

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics anticipates fast job growth in the food industry through 2029. This industry sees turnover within positions, so regular openings across the country are standard. Education requirements vary depending on the job, but many do not require a college degree or high school diploma. Foodservice offers the chance to cultivate many skills transferable into different industries as people prepare to advance their careers. The foodservice industry develops customer service, communication, teamwork and physical stamina skills. You will also learn patience, multitasking and tolerance, valuable skills for any industry.

Make Great Friends

In food service, teamwork is essential. You will quickly bond with your co-workers who are ready to help you. You can also develop the professional skill of learning to ask for help and lending a hand when you are free. Do you want to be a part of the food service industry? Contact LaborMAX.

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