Transferable Skills for Light Industrial/General Labor Workers

Posted on 06/07 by Erin Helms

Regardless of the industry, you can transfer transferable skills from one job to another. These skills are helpful in many positions and industries. When you develop transferable skills, you can apply them in any workplace. Here are some transferable skills for light industrial/general labor workers.


Communication is your ability to impart information to others by speaking or writing. Employers value good communicators for their ability to work with others and move things forward. Transferable communication skills for industrial workers and general laborers include: Active listening Written communication Verbal communication Giving and receiving feedback Responsiveness


Dependability is what makes you a trusted employee. It includes punctuality, organization, and responsibility. Employers in the industrial fields seek candidates whom they can trust to accomplish tasks promptly. Factories, plants, and warehouses need employees to arrive on time and complete their workloads successfully. Dependability is an excellent skill to take with you from job to job.


Light industrial settings are chaotic, with many people managing many projects simultaneously. This industry needs workers who can keep track of things, follow directions, pay attention, and catch mistakes. This transferable skill helps you keep structure in your workspace. Being organized enables you to meet deadlines, communicate with others, and follow directions well. Employers in the light industrial fields want trustworthy employees to meet deadlines and complete projects efficiently. Your transferable organizational skills include time management, attention to detail, analytical thinking, and prioritization.


You know that the industrial fields often require workers to fill multiple roles. You might need to operate machinery during any shift, pack boxes, track orders, and record inventory. As a result, employers want flexible employees who can quickly learn new skills and processes and ensure quick and efficient work.


When things go wrong, as they surely will, the best light industrial and general labor workers rise to the challenge. Instead of giving up, these workers search for solutions to the problem. This transferable skill can help you resolve an argument, overcome a scheduling conflict, or troubleshoot broken machinery.


One employee cannot run a factory, plant, or warehouse. It takes a team, which means you must work well with others. Always be willing to collaborate on projects, help out, and share credit for success. Teamwork requires empathy, active listening, and communication.


The skill of taking the initiative to pursue new tasks, contribute ideas, and produce high-quality work shows your commitment to the job. The ability to motivate yourself in the workplace is impressive regardless of the industry. LaborMAX is a light industrial staffing company providing workers with temporary, temporary-to-hire, and direct-hire jobs. If you are looking for an opportunity in the light industrial or general labor fields, let the experienced staff at LaborMAX help you!

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