Avoid These 3 Common Job Scams

Posted on 04/25 by Erin Helms

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There comes a point when looking for a job that it might feel as though you'll be searching forever -- and that's when the "too good to be true" opportunities seem to come out of the proverbial woodwork. We're ready to help you avoid these scams before it's too late! Here's what to look for to protect yourself -- and how LaborMAX can help you find a great job that really is as good as it sounds.

Be wary of call center scams

It sounds like a great gig: spend your days making phone calls, possibly for a collection agency or other company. Be cautious when taking a job at a call center. Many of these opportunities are legitimate jobs with reputable companies, but there are sketchy companies that won't last long and can easily steal people's identities and personal information. If you take one of these jobs, be on high alert and read very carefully the script you're given to work from -- if the language you're told to use seems to try and take advantage of people in some way or warns about possible legal action if they don't pay up right now, it's time to walk away and call the authorities.

Watch out for data entry scams

If you feel comfortable operating a computer and are confident in data entry skills, this might sound like a great opportunity and a way to make good money from the comfort of your home! However, read the fine print and see what the job really entails. Data entry jobs might promise high pay without requiring a lot of skill and they might try to convince you to pay the company upfront before you start your employment with them, under the guise of training or having to pay for access to equipment or software. Any company that wants you to pay for the opportunity of working there is trying to rip you off.

Stuffing envelopes or repacking goods is a big red flag

These are two common "make money working from home!" scams that prey on people who might be unable to work a full-time job or want to bring in some supplemental income. It sounds nice to be your own boss, setting your hours, stuffing envelopes with information after you purchase boxes of a very specific kind of envelope, only to find out you're part of a pyramid scheme with your income based on how many people you can get to sign up for the same kind of work. The repackaging job is similarly structured: items are sent to your house, and you repack and mail them off. This kind of scam could have you mailing stolen or illegal items.

Finding a job doesn't have to be frustrating

Consider working with a staffing agency like LaborMAX. With more than 20 years of experience, LaborMax is dedicated to helping you find a great job that pays you what you deserve. We'll help you find positions that match your skills and career path. If you find the job isn't the right fit, we can reassign you to another position that better suits your needs. LaborMAX also provides flexible hours and weekly paychecks. Browse our online job listings or contact our team today to get started.

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