Your New Job Isn't What You Expected. Now What?

Posted on 12/15 by Erin Helms

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The new job is not what you thought. You might have done all the right things before accepting the position, but it is just not working. Don’t let it get to you. There are options for handling this crisis. You can do a few things if the new job isn’t working.

Keep It Professional

You might feel disappointed that the new job is not working out. However, it is best to remain calm and professional. The company might not match your interest, your responsibilities differ from the description, or your boss is not friendly. You might be in a situation the company did not intend, and they might just be going through a rough period. The reasons might be valid, so figure them out and reassess your situation.

Give the Job a Chance

The company saw something in you because they hired you for the job. You can still benefit from this opportunity even if the responsibilities are not what you anticipated. Take time to know your coworkers, perform your duties as expected, and take the initiative on projects. The job might surprise you, and you might enjoy it after all.

Speak to Your Manager

Schedule a time to meet with your manager, so you both have time to discuss the situation properly. Before the meeting, review the job posting with the responsibilities for the position, and then list everything you do. Compare the two to show your boss the difference easily. You can also mention specifics mentioned in the job interview. During the meeting, tell your boss you were under the impression that you were doing a certain task and ask when you will take that responsibility. The situation could be a misunderstanding that your boss is willing to correct by updating your duties. You may wish to stay due to having an amendable boss to your needs.

Look for a New Job

If you speak with your boss and the job is still not a good fit, it might be time to start searching for and applying for a new job. As you conduct your job search, ensure that you look closely at all the details of the position to evaluate pay, hours, work environment, expectations, and responsibilities. Do what you can to avoid duplicating your current situation. When you start the interview, human resources or a hiring manager might ask you questions about your current situation and why you are leaving so soon. It is OK to be honest about your situation. However, avoid speaking negatively about the organization or divulging too many details that could make an employer believe you are the reason for the problems. Ask crucial questions during your interview to gain a stronger understanding of the important things, such as the company culture, promotion opportunities, and employee turnover. If the job is not a good fit, do not worry. It is an opportunity to call a recruiter at LaborMAX for a job that better suits YOUR skills.

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