10 Questions to Ask Generation Z Candidates During an Interview

Posted on 11/03 by Erin Helms

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Gen Z is coming into the workplace. Unfortunately, many lack professional experience. Creative questioning can help you bridge the gap. Here are ten question topics for your Gen Z applicants.


Gen Z sees work not just as a paycheck but as an opportunity to create change, make its mark, and earn an income. Consider asking the candidate what they would do if they found a lottery ticket worth millions of dollars lying on the floor. Asking the candidate something like this helps you better understand their rationale for applying to your company. Do they want to work for your company long-term, or does the winning lotto ticket change things?

Work Environment

How would you describe your ideal working environment? Ask this question to help you understand each candidate's challenges and how they might gel with the rest of the team. This question is also a relaxed and inclusive way for disabled candidates to mention any accommodations they might need.

Side Hustles

It is common for Gen Z candidates to have a side hustle or a passion that they are monetizing. Ask them about a side hustle of which they are proud. Ask how they started it and what it is teaching them. Their motivations for starting and the skills they are developing will tell you a much about the candidate.

Hiring Process

How can we improve our application/interview process? This question allows you to experience a Gen Z applicant’s ability to deliver feedback. Top answers will demonstrate that they consider the impact of the process on people other than themselves.

The Small Fish in a Big Pond

What is better: being the big fish in a small pond or a small fish in a big pond? Linger and debate on this one for a while. Would your candidate rather be the best on a small team or a subtle contributor on a large team? Discuss their answer with them.

Team Work

Asking a question about teamwork is about identifying future leaders and evaluating talent for entry-level positions. Ask them what they would do to ensure a team works well together. You might mention difficulties and ask for suggestions. The answers will help you understand how your candidate approaches problem-solving.

Work/Life Balance

How do you help a friend maintain a good work/life balance? Ask the candidate, especially if they are a new graduate, what advice they would offer a friend, and the answer will help you understand their underlying beliefs.

Salary Expectations

Ask what salary range the candidate needs and what other benefits are essential. Gen Z loves transparency. They want to know who is making what and why.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

What do companies need to learn to do better in diversity and inclusion? Gen Z likes to talk about newsworthy topics and tends to be vocal with their opinions. So ask them how your business can better embrace DEI. They will likely have an idea.

Dream Job

What is the candidate’s dream job? Ask this to understand better where the candidate thrives. Demonstrate your willingness to help them achieve their goals. Let LaborMAX help you find your next great hire!

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