How a Manufacturing Temp Agency Can Improve Efficiency at Your Facility

Posted on 06/06 by Emma Cercone

If your manufacturing facility is like most, you experience ebbs and flows when it comes to staffing needs. Sometimes, you have more than enough help for projects. Other times, you’re in desperate need of additional skilled or general laborers to keep production levels up.

Recently, thanks in part to The Great Resignation and the record number of people leaving their jobs, you’re probably having more trouble finding the people you need. It’s a good time to consider working with a manufacturing staffing partner. Many manufacturing facilities turn to manufacturing temp agencies to help them fill vacancies – this allows the company to gain access to the staff they need without adding on permanent workers. Or, if a company is potentially interested in hiring permanent team members but aren’t sure yet if they want to commit, they might try out the employee on the job through a temp-to-hire arrangement. Manufacturing staffing services like these help companies remain profitable while maintaining production levels, ultimately increasing efficiency around your facility. Turning to experienced manufacturing recruiters is a great way to offload the burden of hiring and let the experts take care of it, ensuring you get the help you need in order to maintain production at your facility. Let’s take a closer look at just a few of the great advantages of relying on a manufacturing temp agency like LaborMAX.

Manufacturing Temp Agencies Provide Access to On-Demand Labor

One of the greatest reasons to partner with a temp labor agency is the agility and flexibility it gives your company. When you’re experiencing increased vacancies, a staffing firm makes filling those positions its top priority – you'll be able to quickly fill those spots with pre-screened, qualified professionals. This is especially important if you’re looking for specialized workers. Putting out job advertisements, waiting for applications to come in, sifting through resumes... that will take far too long. Having access to on-demand labor through the power of manufacturing staffing services makes it quick and easy. On the other side of the coin, being able to scale back your labor force when high-demand periods wane is equally important. This gives you workforce flexibility to help save resources when you don’t need the extra help. That’s the power of the temporary workforce – they're there when you need them, and when you don’t, you can scale back in order to save money.

Temporary Manufacturing Staffing Reduces Worker Burnout

When your facility is understaffed, it’s not just a problem for the production numbers. It’s a problem for your workers – they'll quickly become burnt out from working long, hard hours week after week. This is another great reason to utilize the services of a manufacturing temp agency. Your core staff can focus on their most important tasks while temporary help can take care of all the additional work that may be slipping through the cracks thanks to the heavy workload. That reduces the burden on everyone. Whether your facility needs skilled specialists or general laborers, having that extra help on-hand helps your existing staff to feel more productive and comfortable every day. And reducing burnout is crucial to your retention rates and overall productivity as a business.

Temp-to-Perm Services Work as a Trial Run

Temp-to-perm or temp-to-hire services give employers a chance to “test drive” workers on-site before deciding whether to bring them on full-time. It’s a win-win for the employer and the employee; both can use the temporary period to determine if it’s a good match and whether or not they’d like to move forward after the period is over. If both parties agree, your facility can bring on the temp worker in a full-time capacity. If you aren’t interested in bringing the employee on full-time, you don’t have to worry about the typical issues that come along with letting an employee go, like unemployment. Because the employee is a temporary worker, all you have to do is let your staffing provider know that you’re ready to move on once the worker’s placement is over. This kind of manufacturing staffing service is a great way to keep costs down, satisfy your workforce needs, and gain access to a great employee if you’re interested.

Close Skills Gap In Manufacturing

As mentioned above, The Great Resignation is in full swing. With more Baby Boomers retiring than ever before and social and cultural shifts causing more people to leave the workforce, there is an increased demand for talent at the same time there is a shortage of workers. That’s where temp labor agencies come in. When you partner with a manufacturing staffing firm, you’ll be able to close those skills gaps – manufacturing staffing recruiters can source and hire those hard-to-find skilled and specialized workers you so desperately need. That means you don’t experience a production slow-down because of a missing knowledge base or skill set, keeping productivity levels where they need to be. Remember: Temp-to-hire services allow you to retain the talented temp workers that you don’t want to lose. If you find that an employee meshes well within your organization and you simply can’t afford to lose them, you don’t have to – bring them on full-time at the end of the temp period.

Fill Manufacturing Jobs with LaborMAX

Are you in need of great people to fill open manufacturing roles? LaborMAX is the nationwide temp agency for manufacturing that can help you find the professionals you’re looking for. Access to on-demand labor, reduced levels of worker burnout, the ability to give employees a trial run before hiring them on full-time, and the capacity to close skills gaps quickly are just some of the major benefits you’ll receive from partnering with us. Jobs in Manufacturing We Fill: -Machine Operator -General Labor Jobs -CNC Machinists -Quality Technicians -Packaging -Assemblers And many more! Ready to get started with our temp labor agency? Whether you’re looking for temporary or temp-to-hire services, we’ll help keep you on-budget and productive. Contact a member of the LaborMAX recruiting team today to get started!

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