Finding Reliable Staff for Your Warehouse

Posted on 01/04 by Erin Helms

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Warehouse managers have a lot on their plate. Between making sure orders are coming in and out properly and on time, ensuring the safety of your team, keeping your supplies in stock and staying on top of all that paperwork, there’s very little time to find, interview and hire new employees.

Keeping Your Warehouse Properly Staffed

When you have to review candidates applying for an open position, how do you know the person is as good as they look on paper and will be a reliable addition to your team? Thankfully, you don’t need to go through the hiring process alone — and calling in reinforcements to help review candidates might even go a long way toward finding highly talented and reliable candidates. What’s the magic solution? Working with a staffing company, like LaborMax. Here’s how we can help find reliable staff for your warehouse and help free up time so you can stay on top of your many other tasks.

A Warehouse Staffing Agency Can Reach More Candidates

Our recruiters have one job: Finding great candidates for our clients. When you partner with a staffing company like LaborMax, our recruiters will begin to scour our database of job candidates to find people whose experience and background fit your specific needs. But that’s not all. They’ll also go online and review networking and professional platforms and profiles to find people who might be currently working in other jobs, reaching out to see if they might be interested in considering your position. Our recruiters can tell these candidates about your company, talking up all your best qualities and explaining what you’re looking for in a new hire, bringing back to you the resumes of people who meet your needs and are interested in joining your team.

Our Recruiters Conduct Initial Interviews

You just don’t have the time to sort through dozens of applications. We understand! And we can help. Partnering with a staffing agency offloads those initial reviews to our recruiters, who will read through resumes and determine who best meets the qualifications you’re looking for. People who measure up will stay in consideration and will be contacted by one of our recruiters for an initial screening call so we can get a sense of their expertise. We can even provide skills assessments to candidates to determine their proficiency and abilities as applicable. The ones who are the strongest matches for what you’re looking for will be passed along to you!

Get The Talent You Need, Faster

Instead of waiting for days or weeks to get applications, you’ll have access to initial candidates much faster. When you provide the requirements for your open position, our recruiters will review our available candidates and see who meets your needs. We’ll contact them immediately to gauge their interest and availability, meaning you might have the first few people to consider within hours! We have already vetted these candidates to be good matches for the job, allowing you to interview them confidently.

Receive Work-Ready Warehouse Staff

If your team is expanding, but you need help right away, LaborMax can contact our candidates who have warehouse experience and training and are available for temporary work. One phone call gets the process started, and we can quickly provide your company with people who understand they’re on the job until your project is completed -- you get the helping hands you need quickly without having to train someone new for just a few weeks.

Keep Your Warehouse Running With LaborMAX

For more than 20 years, LaborMax has been working closely with the warehouse industry. We understand the kinds of skills and training that matter most to warehouse managers and we have a long history of bringing qualified candidates to our satisfied clients. As a warehouse manager, you don’t have the time to worry about finding the right job candidate, or to hire someone who looks good on paper but doesn’t match up in real life. Let us handle that for you! Call LaborMax today to learn more.

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