Craft a Strong Job Posting to Gain More Applicants

Posted on 04/04 by Erin Helms

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If you’re having difficulty finding strong candidates or getting enough applications when you post an open position on your website, the job posting itself might be partly to blame. Job postings need to be evocative and enticing, containing sufficient information to make a candidate want to work for your company. Here are some details job seekers want to see when reading your job posting -- are you missing these key points?

How much does it pay?

Many states now require a salary range in job postings to promote transparency. Candidates often feel frustrated when they go through the whole interview process only to find the position pays much less than they expected. Providing a salary range up front, even with the caveat that the candidate’s pay may differ based on experience, will go a long way toward attracting candidates.

What’s your company culture like?

he world changed in many ways with the pandemic, not the least of which is an emphasis on how employees are treated and a strong respect for work-life balance. Candidates want to know they’ll be respected and working in an environment that is supportive of them as employees. Highlight your diversity programs, any volunteer efforts the company organizes or outreach partnerships in which the company participates and talk up your wellness programs.


Only some companies can offer remote work or pay the same wages as Fortune 500 companies for entry-level positions. However, your company might offer other perks that add to the great benefits that will be attractive to talented candidates. Do you offer shorter hours on Fridays during the warmer months, or pre-tax savings on transit fares? Can employees flex their hours to make it home for their child’s after-school activities? Make sure your company highlights these efforts in the job description because life is about more than just working.

Be wary of limiting language

Have someone outside the hiring manager’s office read through your job description before posting. It’s worth having someone else read through the job posting to ensure you’re not dismissing or discouraging highly qualified and talented candidates before they can show off their skills.

Need help hiring?

Job candidates are looking for different things in their employers than they did in the past: They want support for their career ambitions, the ability to have a healthy work-life balance and to be paid what they’re worth by an employer who respects them. LaborMAX can help source the talent needed to keep your business fully functional.

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