Stuck in a Rut? Get Back to Basics

Posted on 01/12 by Erin Helms

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A job search can tire and frustrate you. It is particularly bad when it drags on, and you have nothing to show. Your job search is going nowhere, and you feel stuck in a rut. You can get back to basics and reignite your job search momentum.

Be Deliberate

If you are at a point where tasks are routine, and you are not seeing progress, it could indicate a time to take a step back to ensure that your daily routine has a purpose and is not simply a routine.

Have a Clear Plan

It helps to have a well-organized career search. Create an extended plan to help you organize follow-up, continue your career development, network, and other tasks. These supporting tasks can help give your job hunt a big boost.

Create a Schedule and Follow It

You must treat a job search just like a real job. Maintain an anticipated time to start and a time to end the day. This schedule should even include showering and putting on your clothes. When you feel professional, it will impact the way you present yourself. After work, be present in your personal life. Refrain from checking emails for responses or submitting another resume during your time. Not part of the scheduled time? Leave it til tomorrow.

Establish Time Limits

Parkinson’s law suggests that work will expand to the amount of time you provide it. Have a task that should last two hours? It can spread to take longer if you allow it. On your to-do list, set a schedule with specific tasks. Be realistic, but avoid spending your day unproductive.

Get Out of Your House

Put some “me” time into your schedule. It will allow you time to take a walk and get fresh air. Daily exercise helps you manage stress levels while keeping a big-picture perspective. You might wish to work out of your house a few days a week. A change of scenery can boost your mental health. You have options.

Take Days Off

When searching for a job, taking a day off is challenging. However, time off might provide a boost to your job search. Time off can help you refresh and rejuvenate, so take your regular and vacation days off. Creativity might improve, and it could be what your job search needs.

Think Outside of the Box

Being in a rut might signal it is time to try something different. Take a break from submitting resumes and boost new life into your job search. You might consider freelance or volunteering to get your foot in the door. A remote or hybrid remote role might expand your geographical search. Can you apply your experience to a different field or job title? Your rut might be because your focus is too narrow. LaborMAX can put you to work!

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