Benefits of Hiring a Construction Staffing Agency

Posted on 01/30 by Erin Helms

If you are struggling to keep your projects staffed with reliable construction workers, a construction and skilled trades staffing agency can be the key to the success of your project. When you need a large number of laborers for tasks like demolition or cleanup, having an established relationship with a temp agency for construction workers makes the process seamless. Once your staffing partner gets to know you and your business, you can simply call, email or text your account manager, and they will send the number of workers you need – prescreened and ready to work. Advertising the position, and sourcing screening – none of these headaches are yours. Your staffing partner also assumes responsibility for benefits, unemployment insurance and workers’ compensation. No-shows and other absences? Just call for a replacement. Of course, maintaining a safe and respectful workplace will help ensure the best workers will want to return, which can pay off big in terms of productivity and morale.

5 Reasons Why Construction Companies Should Work with a Construction Staffing Agency

Construction and skilled trades staffing agencies give employers access to a larger pool of candidates because they maintain a vast network of qualified candidates. Whether you need laborers, skilled tradespeople and construction workers, team leads, forepersons, or project managers, your construction staffing partner can provide candidates that meet your specific needs. You’ll save significant time and money on recruiting while improving your focus on core priorities. Because they are experts in recruiting and screening candidates, construction staffing agencies have an advantage when filling open positions. Their specialized knowledge and experience in recruiting and screening construction workers enables them to identify candidates quicker, assess their skills and qualifications accurately and ensure they match the right person to the right job. Construction companies typically maintain a core staff of full-time employees. But the building trade can be unpredictable. The excitement of winning a large bid or a successful project that brings in a flurry of referrals can quickly turn to worry when you’re uncertain you’ll have enough workers to get the work done well and on time. Missed deadlines or subpar construction will likely kill your reputation and turn the steady flow of business off fast. Temp construction workers can make all the difference, but they must be well-qualified and show up on time every day, ready to work. Augmenting your core team with temporary workers ensures you have enough people to get the work done without the stress of laying people off when business slows gain. You can save money by not being overstaffed – and paying for idle workers – while avoiding being caught short when demand increases or deadlines shift. Hiring a construction and skilled trades staffing agency can bring a number of benefits to a construction project. Here are some of the main advantages:

Staffing agency Provides Flexibility

Hiring a staffing agency to find temp workers in construction is a smart choice. Due to the nature of the job, there are a lot of fluctuations – changes in demand, weather delays, and supply chain issues – all of which can make it tough to predict staffing levels from day to day. With the flexibility of construction staffing, employers can bring in more workers when they need them and, when they don’t, release them back to the agency to make them available for other opportunities. Over the life of a construction project, there are typically variations in the number and type of workers you need. Construction moves along in stages – some parallel, in which different trades are working side by side, but most are sequential. If you don’t manage staff carefully, you have tilers standing around waiting for the plumbing inspector to show up or workers ready to install cabinets that are hung up somewhere in the supply chain. A temp agency for construction workers can provide the flexibility to quickly increase or decrease the number of workers on a project as needed without construction managers trying round people up on their own to fill the gaps.

Construction Companies Save Money from Temp Workers

The reality of construction companies is that your work is project-based. If you have more workers than projects to keep them busy, it’s like bleeding money. Construction projects in four-season locations are dictated by the weather. In the winter, work slows down unless you can find enough inside projects to keep busy. Even if you do, you may need workers with different skills. Hiring large numbers of full-time employees can be wasteful. The smart choice is to bring in temporary workers who you pay only when they work. A temp agency for construction workers can save construction companies money in a number of ways. With temporary or contract workers, construction companies pay an hourly rate for each employee for the time they work. That rate covers everything. The construction staffing agency takes care of the costs such as benefits, insurance and taxes. In addition, staffing agencies can help to reduce the costs associated with recruiting and training new workers.

Construction Workers Specialize in Specific Tasks

Any construction project requires individuals with different kinds of skills. When you work with a construction staffing company, they provide people with the skills you need for the stage you’re currently completing, and they will be skilled and well-trained. For example, if you need welders or heavy equipment operators, they are in high demand and can be difficult to find on your own. Construction staffing agencies can provide access to workers with specialized skills when you need them without committing to an expensive long-term hire. Also, when you have enough people of each skill or specialty, they can focus on the work they are there to perform. You won’t waste their time and your money paying a high hourly rate for a finish carpenter to take care of jobs like demo or cleanup that can be handled by an entry-level worker for much less.

Influx of New Techniques and Ideas

Temp workers in construction come from a variety of job sites bringing a lot of knowledge that they can contribute. They gain new experience and different techniques for completing tasks everywhere they have worked. Your temporary staffing agency gives you access to workers with new skills and ideas you and your team might not otherwise have access to that can streamline task completion and make it easier to hit your project deadlines. The broader the range of project experiences your temporary workers have, the more they have to offer your company. Their presence can reinvigorate your current staff members. Construction staffing agencies are constantly recruiting new people to add to their talent pipeline. They don’t wait until there is a need, then scramble to find the right people. That means when you call on your staffing partner for construction workers, you don’t have to wait to add fresh workers to your team. You’ll always have access to a pool of well-qualified workers with a broad range of skills and experience.

Temporary Construction Workers Boost Company Morale

Temporary workers can actually boost morale on the job site. Skilled, qualified construction temps with a strong work ethic will be a welcome sight to employees who are stretched thin and expected to pitch in when shorthanded or work excess overtime. When employees get the help they need from temporary construction workers, it will positively affect everyone’s mood. Construction staffing agencies can provide well-trained and experienced workers, which can help improve productivity and efficiency on a construction project. This can ultimately save construction companies money and help to ensure that projects are completed on time and within budget. Construction workers get the welcome relief of leaving the job site on time, and working side by side with coworkers they are confident know what they are doing. When construction companies are overworked, it can harm their morale. It can reduce productivity, lower motivation and lead to mistakes. Mistakes on the job site can be dangerous. People get hurt, construction is slowed, and employers are open to liability. Staffing up with temporary workers can avoid all these adverse outcomes.

Partner with our Construction Staffing Agency to Fill Construction Jobs

A construction staffing agency like LaborMAX brings many benefits to any construction employer. LaborMAX staffs for a wide range of construction jobs and gives companies access to a larger pool of candidates. Their expertise in recruiting and screening, flexible staffing solutions and focus on compliance and safety lead to cost savings, reduced turnover rate and improved productivity. LaborMAX?fills jobs in many different construction specialties. When you need access to specialized skills and reduce your risk exposure, LaborMAX can free you to focus on core business. Working with our Construction and skilled trades staffing agency can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your company, saving you time and money by providing construction workers for all seasons, slow or peak times.

Positions We Fill Include:

Cabinet Laminator Carpenter Commercial Flat Roofer Construction Laborer Heavy Equipment Operator Home Repair and Maintenance Tech Journeyman and Apprentice Electrician Master Electrician Material Tester Remodeler Residential Electrician Restoration Worker Skilled Laborer Well Driller

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