How To Prepare For a First Interview

Posted on 05/12 by Erin Helms

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Are you preparing for a first interview? You are likely nervous if you are getting ready for your first interview with a company. Do not let the stress get you. Remember that your interviewer has interviewed first-time job seekers and everyone has the first interview in their job history. The key is to prepare, dress appropriately, and stay calm!

Research the Company

It is crucial that you take some time to research the company. You want to be sure that you are familiar with how they operate. There is a tremendous amount of information available online. The chances are that the company website has some excellent information for you to learn about the organization in the “about us” and “careers” section of the site. Small company? Examine their website to get an idea of the company’s focus.

Learn What You Can About the Job

Once you understand the company, it is time to learn about the actual job. Start by considering why you are the best person for the job. If you know someone at the company, ask them about the job and the interview process. The more knowledge you have about the job, the easier to understand why you are a good fit.

Practice Interviewing

Review the typical questions you might encounter in your interview. Consider your industry and think of possible questions and their answers. You can even go online and find the most common interview questions and ways to answer them.

Bring a Resume and References

A resume will make an excellent impression on the interviewer. Even if you lack much formal work experience, you can include everyday experience, volunteering and academic achievements. Bring in a print copy of your resume to the interview and a pen and paper for notetaking. Also, bring a list of people who can give you a reference. This reference sheet can include former supervisors, former co-workers, teachers, neighbors, coaches and family friends.

Dress Appropriately

Choose appropriate attire to wear to your interview. Not sure what to wear? Ask a family member or friend for advice. The internet has information about what to wear to job interviews. You might even consider looking at what you should not wear to a job interview.

During Your Interview

Now that you are well-prepared, here are a few pointers to remember during the interview: Stay calm and focus on the interviewer If you feel flustered, take deep breaths Be confident in your skills and abilities Try to incorporate knowledge of the company into the discussion Be honest Be flexible Make eye contact and avoid distractions Listen and take good notes Thank the interviewer for interviewing you LaborMAX is one of the leading warehouse temp agencies in the U.S. Search available warehouse jobs now.

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