Construction Safety Week in May

Posted on 04/18 by Erin Helms

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With the return of spring comes Construction Safety Week! Everyone has a responsibility and a role to play when it comes to keeping workers safe on construction sites. Each spring, we dedicate a week in May to providing smart, sensible, actionable advice to promote safe working environments for construction workers. Here are the topics for this year's Construction Safety Week, taking place May 6-10, 2024:

Monday, May 6: Driving personal ownership

Each person who works on or near a construction site is responsible for maintaining the environment's safety. Any hazard, item left out of place, or possible injury risk needs to be identified and fixed before it becomes a liability.

Tuesday, May 7: Encourage and welcome new ideas

Everyone has something to learn and something to teach. Whether you're a seasoned pro with decades on the job or a new hire with new ideas, we can all learn from each other. Encourage your team to speak up and share their thoughts on changes that could be made to the work site to promote safety and address risks, creating a collaborative team effort to tackle problems before they become serious hazards effectively.

Wednesday, May 8: Embracing every voice

Each member of your team was hired for a reason. They are qualified and skilled; they belong on the job site and are justified in being there. Encourage your team to speak up and recognize them when they make contributions to the overall group. People who feel heard and respected are more likely to be engaged and conscientious in their work, looking out for the safety and well-being of their teammates.

Thursday, May 9: Strengthen our culture

Everything we build needs a strong foundation to maintain integrity and stand the test of time and the elements. The same is true for your company's culture and your team's strength: good communication, respect and trust are the cornerstone.

Friday, May 10: Thank you for using your voice

If nothing is said, nothing gets done. Encourage your team to speak up and share their creative solutions and concepts.

Safety is everyone's job

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