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Posted on 08/10 by Erin Helms

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So you missed your job interview. Take a deep breath. Some events can cause you to miss a scheduled job interview, which is understandable. What you do next will determine your fate with this employer. How you handle this situation might decide if the employer will consider giving you a second chance. If you missed your interview, here are ways to apologize by phone or email after a missed interview.

Apologize by Phone

You must apologize as soon as possible if you miss an interview. Here is how to apologize by phone: Contact the employer immediately. Call your contact at the company to apologize as soon as you realize you missed the interview. Contact the employer if you are late for the interview. They might still be able to accommodate you if you arrive late. The quicker you can contact the employer, the more likely they will reschedule you. Explain the Situation. Tell the hiring manager why you missed the interview and be completely honest. Honesty is crucial, showing the employer you take responsibility for your mistakes. Ask to Reschedule. Ask the hiring supervisor if you can reschedule the interview. Explain the actions you will take to ensure that you do not miss your second appointment. So if you missed the interview because you overslept, explain how you will set two separate alarms to wake up on time. Follow Up With An email. After you make the phone call, follow up with an email to reinforce your apology and thank the hiring manager for their time. If the company reschedules your interview, confirm the specifics, including the date, time and location. Even if the company decides not to reschedule, send an appreciative email to open the door for future opportunities.

Apologize by Email

If you cannot reach the employer by phone, email an apology and request a rescheduled interview. Use these steps to compose your apology email: Apologize and Accept Responsibility. Use a formal tone in your email and apologize immediately for missing the interview. Explain any extenuating circumstances, and be honest if you forgot about the interview. Acknowledge how your absence might have impacted the hiring manager. Ask for a second chance. Ask the employer if it is possible to schedule another interview. Just as you would during a phone call, reiterate the steps you will take to ensure you do not miss the second opportunity. Close With Your Restated Apology. Conclude the body of your email with a final apology.

Get Expert Job Search Advice

Looking for a job is stressful, and although it is essential to show up for your interviews, there are circumstances you need help to control. It happens. When it does, notify the interviewer. You can apologize by phone or email. Apologize within a day or two of the missed interview. LaborMAX is ready to put you to work today with a company that will value your service and help you meet your career goals.

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