Getting Ready to Get Back to Work After a Gap

Posted on 10/27 by Erin Helms

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Workers are returning to the office. For some, this is exciting. For others, it is a nightmare. Many people dread returning to work after a gap. For them, the end of an absence is the Sunday scaries on steroids. Is this your current predicament? Are you trying to prepare yourself to return to work after a gap? Here is how to get yourself ready.

Take a Deep Breath

If the return is approaching and you are anxious, take a deep breath. Heading back in can be intimidating, so take a moment to pause, refocus, and recenter yourself. There are unknowns, things have changed, and it is entirely natural to feel anxious. Please understand that the most crucial part of returning to the office is taking care of yourself and your mental health.

Get Back Into Your Routine

Try to get back into your routine early. Getting into the routine will prevent the first day back from being a shock. Before your first day, consider setting your alarm for when you will be getting up for work and get used to early mornings again. Lay out your clothes and lunch the night before to get your mind back into work mode.

Do Not Burn Yourself Out During the First Week

You might feel the temptation to fill up your calendar with meetings as you return to work. However, try to take it slow and gently. Returning to work is a time of adjustment for everyone. Schedule yourself breaks throughout the day to recharge and increase your productivity. Consider taking a brief walk around the office or grabbing a cup of coffee. These short breaks help reduce anxiety and make preparing for your active lifestyle more manageable.

Ask for Expectations

The past few years have brought on changes, sometimes drastic, to the workplace. Expect new staff members, procedures, and possibly new office space. There will be unknowns. Because of this, it is essential to ask your supervisor what you can expect. New safety rules in place? Must I wear a mask all the time in the office? Or is the office going to be cleaned regularly? Having answers will make the transition smoother and help you mentally prepare for your return.


If you feel anxious about your return to the office, communicate your feelings with your supervisor and colleagues. Returning to work can be difficult for anyone, so remember that you are not alone in your emotions. If you are comfortable communicating your vulnerabilities, talking can be an outlet for your feelings while helping settle your nerves. It is also critical to communicate your feelings with your supervisor. You and your manager can address areas of anxiety. Are you heading back to work? Best of luck! If you need help obtaining a new job, check out LaborMAX. The professionals at LaborMAX can assist you in finding a job that meets your needs.

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